About Us

Here at Swan Mountain Village we want you to know as much about us, the village, and the area as possible. We hope that after reading this section you will see why we and others fell in love with the Flathead valley. Click on the Other Topics below to learn more.

A Family friendly community

Swan Mountain Village was designed as a family focused community; our homes are finished too a higher level, are up to 50% more energy efficient are safer and healthier than conventionally built homes.  As a Planet Green Community we focus on providing homes that over time cost less to own and maintain.  Come see what the "Better Built" advantage gives you as a home owner and a member of Kalispell's premiur affordable family community.

Our building system.

The core of our homes and what makes them stand out from the competition is the Enerhome system.  We combine leading edge materials and construction methods to produce a home that looks conventional but gives higher energy efficiency, increase fire resistance and a healthier living envelope.  Quality starts from the ground up.  unlike conventional construction methods we use a MgO panel foundation wall that gives a R32 insulated wall.  Then we use a MgO R20 SIP rim joist for the floor, and finally a MgO R28 SIP exterior wall.  This system eliminates heat loss through thermal bridging.  In a conventional wall heat is lost to the outside through the framing lumber.  


As you see in these thermal images the difference in a side by side comparison of homes.  The darker image is a SIP building the lighter image is a conventionally wood framed fiberglass insulated building.  Also government studies show that the colder it get the less efficient fiberglass insulation is.  Another area that homes loos heat energy is through basement and crawl space walls.  Our system uses foundation panels that are 3 times more energy efficient than 8" concrete, with 2x4 strapped framed walls with R16 fiberglass insulation, 6mm plastic and sheet rock. (if any) the standard in the home construction industry.  Our homes will save you money on your utilities every month of the year weather you are heating or cooling.


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