Why we use MgO SIPS

Our production plant

our state of the art production plant builds the MgO SIP panels that we use to build your home

What is MgO?

MgO SIP vs Wood Framed

The MgO panels are higher up to 50% more energy efficient than a conventionally built wood framed home.  See the difference in these two side x side homes when viewed with an infrared camera.  The lighter areas are heat loss.  

MgO Sip home under construction

The time of construction is greatly shortened when building with MgO SIP's.  Also water and weather do not negatively effect the MgO board.  MgO will not support the growth of Mold or Mildew giving you a healthier home.  All conventionally built homes have mold and mildew due to the nature of the materials and construction methods.